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Service is Key.  Service is Keystone. Keystone Professional Pharmacy is a pharmacy service provider sensitive to the needs of the patients and the facilities.

Keystone Professional Pharmacy is a closed-door pharmacy which specializes in serving long term care skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, hospices, acute care/hospitals and group homes, as well as schools and camps.

Keystone also specializes in performing pharmacy management services for various government facilities in long term care, acute care/hospitals and behavioral health settings.  We can also assist with seasonal contracting needs, and specialty pharmacy services.  Let us help better serve you today! 

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Service is Keystone
Corporate Offices: 485 South River Street - P.O. Box 659 - Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania  18703-0659
Professional Pharmacy

Long Term/Skilled Care - Assisted Living - Group Homes - Hospices - Acute Care/Hospitals 
For all of your pharmacy needs, Keystone can provide you with the service and the care that is needed for your patients and facility.  Feel free to contact us for more information on how we can serve you, regardless of where you are located.  Keystone is currently expanding to additional areas across the United States.  
If we can help you, contact us today for more information!
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